Monday, 27 December 2010

Babette Construction - How To Join Squares Together

Right, the way I'm joining my squares together is something I un-invented awhile back but didn't have time to properly explore.  So I have been trying it out again and came up with a way to join the squares together as a Join As You Go (JAYG) method.  I like this because I have no extra ends to weave in, there's little extra work and it doesn't add extra width to the pieces (this is really important with the Babette), however the join looks awesome and very neat.

Since writing my first tutorial it became clear I hadn't included enough detail so I have re-written it for more clear instructions.  The first part goes into a lot more detail about the joining and as such its a good idea to read it through before the others.


The later tutorials do not include as much detail in places as the earlier ones.  It is hoped that by the time you get to part 3 onwards that you can make joins from part 1 without the detailed explanation.

US Terminology throughout.

Part One - Joining Two Same Size Squares Together

In this picture we are adding the red square.  There are less pictures than in earlier parts but you should hopefully have the hang if it by now :)

How to add the purple square onto the side.

This is the same style of join as Part 4 covers, but from the other direction.

Granny Style Squares.

These are dealt with pretty much the same as the other joins, begin with the chain in the corner and join each stitch (or chain) to its opposite ending with a chain at the end.  Its just in this case you are sometimes joining chains to chains and DC's to DC's.


  1. Wow!! That's awesome! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. It is awesome indeed!!!! looks so logic!
    I'll try it next time I have to join!!

  3. Great tutorial... I have been searching all day for a join like this,, and not quite sure how I would handle it... Someone on Ravelry gave me this link...and I am so grateful. I just hated the sc join and that pesky ridge. Yours is so much better for me... Thank you so much for sharing.