Monday, 26 April 2010


Good Morning everyone!  Lol i guess so far theres no none there.  Never mind, lets carry on anyways.  I'm not sure where to start so, im 33 and a mum to my little "wench" who will be 2 soon.  i make patchwork quilts as well as crochet.

At the moment i don't get as much time as I would like to do any craft stuff as any mum will tell you 2 year old's are a lot of work.   In the past i would start a new project almost weekly but at the moment i am concentrating of finishing the projects i have as Work In Progress (WIP's for short).  I am trying to do this by not spending money unless i need to, this is because i don't have too much spare cash and besides I have a lot of fabric at the moment so I shouldn't need to spend on that for a while.

I feel the need to point out I have only 1 crochet project on the go at the moment but I haven't counted how many patchwork ones Lol.

Hopefully I can take some pics and post them so you can see what I am doing at the moment