Sunday, 20 February 2011


Not long ago I found a little amigurumi on Ravelry which I knew my husband would like, he liked it so much be bought me the book "Creepy Cute Crochet".

While I was playing around he found out there was a Viking pattern on the designers website and asked if I could make one as a leaving  gift to a co-worker.  So off I went, it took me two attempts to get one that I liked, but he is cute!  He is about 3 inches tall :)

Viking 2

He doesn't have a sword in this picture as it was added later, but he turned out OK :)  As for my earlier attempt that didn't work so well?  Well it turns out my daughter loves her new "snowman" and loves throwing him around the room :)


Friday, 18 February 2011

Babette Construction - Section Five

Colours and Order

8.2 - saffron and meadow
4.23 - shrimp and saffron
4.21 - saffron and meadow
4.24 - shrimp and saffron
4.22 - shrimp and saffron
8.3 - matador and shrimp

section 05

Its nice seeing the green come out more, I think there's blue coming in the next section.  Having laid this out om my bed I think the finished blanket is going to be bigger than I envisioned.  I also don't think its really going to look great until near the end due to the way the colours are distributed over the blanket.


Babette Construction - Section Four

Colours and Order

6.9 - shrimp and saffron
4.36 - shrimp and saffron
2.37- saffron and meadow
2.38 - shrimp and saffron
6.10 - shrimp and saffron

So far so good, I am still enjoying myself.  The JAYG is still going well too, theres no confusion as to where to start or stop - not yet anyways.  I am enjoying it so much I'm planning what to do next, either another Babette in different colours or something that utilises the JAYG.

section four

Have Fun!