Monday, 13 December 2010

Update on Babette

Right, if I recall correctly my last thoughts on this was to use Biggan Merino to get the colours I wanted.  This has changed considerably, mostly due to the price of the yarn, at £5 a ball it was going to cost a lot of money. 

Also I had been swatching up to test my gauge for this project and ran into some troubles.  It seems that the smallest squares in the pattern can often be too big to fit correctly in some areas.  It was this size issue that made me swatch, and I'm glad I did as mine were too big as well.  I tried a few different ways to re size my little squares but ended up unhappy about it and the cost of yarn and so decided to leave the Babette.

Since I gave up on it I found a palette of 8 colours in Stylecraft DK which I really loved, further to this a friend on Ravelry managed to convince me to join in the CAL she was starting in the new year.  A "Crochet A Long" or CAL is a few people working on the same design and helping each other with encouragement and pictures, in this case they are working on the Babette.

So having decided to change the yarn I would be using I went back to my colour chart and have spent a few days colouring and re-colouring and finally ended up with something I like.  It took me so long because my first recolours I got confused and used 6 colours instead of the 8 that I was supposed to.  So I fixed that and coloured in the chart with solid blocks of those 8 colours.

Although this looks like each square will be one colour, they wont be as I have a plan.  If I get the time I will add another picture showing this.

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