Monday, 31 January 2011


OK, so not the kind you can eat but Inklingo-able ones lol.  After I bought the Inklingo CD 1 and 2 I played around with some of the shapes to add to my Hexagon Layout collection.  The CD gave half hexagons, thirds and quarters so I had lots to play with.  So far I have at least 10 new layouts, however I can't figure out how to draw them in Electric Quilt so can't make a nice slide show like I did before.  My plan is to make a 20 inch block of each layout, they will either be made into cushions or a quilt.  Whichever way they end up being used I can see me doing sashing and using a quilt as you go method.

Here's me playing around with paper shapes to see what I came up with.

Fish Layout

Here's is one lonely fish.

A single Fish

And here he is with some of his mates.

A school of Fish

Each little fish doesn't take too long to make and is so easy using Inklingo for matching the corners up (I'm quite bad at corner matching normally).

Have Fun!

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  1. Great detail, easy to follow- impressive results
    Thanks alot- Therese