Sunday, 23 January 2011

Babette Construction - Section Three

The start of the blanket was easy, now we get onto something a bit harder but not by much.  I was intending to take pictures of all the joins so that others could follow it.  This was due to the Babette having different sized squares and others using my joining method may cause confusion as to where to start and stop each join.  However, I do almost all of my crochet in the evenings which makes for bad photos.  I also realised that the photos I was taking were not going to help anyone at all.  Having decided not to go into as much detail as I had planned to meant I could work a lot quicker and enjoy the process more without having to think about when to stop to take a picture.

The Squares
2.39 - Shrimp and Saffron
2.40 - Saffron and Meadow
4.32 - Shrimp and Saffron
4.33 - Matador and Shrimp
4.34 - Shrimp and Saffron
4.35 - Shrimp and Saffron

Construction Order
I'm going to start at the right hand side and work as follows; 2.30 ; 2.40 ; 4.35 ; 4.34 ; 4.33  4.32

Section 3

I'am happy about this project so far, it hard to see how its going to look compared to the plan I did a while back but the first new colours are coming in briefly in this section - the green.  I also like how each section is going together quickly.  Although as I get futher in I guess it will take ages as the later sections have a lot of squares.

Its nice how after each bit theres nothing else to do as it joined as I go, and I really love the air crochet technique I came across in Ravelry recently.

I like this pattern and at this point would like to do a granny style one, nneed to figure out colours though as I like working to a chart :)

Have Fun!

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