Monday, 26 July 2010

My First Finish

I suddenly realised that I hadn't Posted a picture of the throw I finished a couple weeks back..... D'oh!  This was standard granny squares joined with a join as you go method that I got from Attic 24.  I added a border and left it at that, no edgings or anything, just simple.

This is intended for my daughter, who is 2 at the moment, but I reckon it would just get ripped just now so it is getting saved until next Christmas so she can appreciate it more.

I did find that adding the first row of granny border made it ripple and with some help from friends in the Ravelry group "We Love Lucy" I fixed it using this.  The only problem was  that I was halfway through an 8 row border....oh well.  I can see a few patchwork designs looking good in crochet though which means my patchwork books will come in handy for some inspiration.

Have Fun!


  1. Stunning. The minute I saw this I knew you knew Luc... My mosaics are all done in Picasa 3 which is free. Google it and you should find the download area. Play around with it and select picture as background. Hope this helps.