Thursday, 15 July 2010

Babette Ponderings

I think I first saw the Babette on Ravelry sometime and liked it.  To be fair I wasn't keen on the colours but I loved the design and to me it seemed mad! Just like me :).

So I bought the pattern, at the time I was working on my daughters throw which was granny squares using a Join as You Go method.  So I went back to Ravelry and looked at the pictures and saw that there were indeed some made from granny squares and not solid squares.

At this point I stopped, I'm skint at the moment so didn't think any further than that.  That is until I got the border on my daughters throw.  I suddenly thought "Could the Babette be done Join as You GO?"  I couldn't think of a reason why not, there would be a few kinks to figure out.  So again off I went to the Internet and found that someone has already done this, yey!  So now I knew it would work.

The thing is making a Babette needs planning especially if you are not using the yarn in the pattern as you need to figure out what colours you are using and then do your own lists etc so you know what you are doing.  You could wing it though :)  I will be using Bonus DK by Hayfield for two reasons, it’s cheap and its acrylic as well as the fact I have been using it and like it :)

The thing now is I need to plan as "Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail" no idea where that came from but it popped in my head.  I'm going to start by trying to draw the layout into Electric Quilt, which I already own.  Once I have that sorted I can colour it in to my hearts content.  Then I can make lists of colours etc.

I've been on Ravelry in the meantime looking at the photos there of other peoples Babettes’ trying to decide what I like and don't like about them.  I love the ones using just one colour scheme; there were just pinks and just green Barbettes’.  I also liked the ones where the colours were planned, I definitely wasn't too keen on the stash busting ones as the colours were too mad for me but they still looked cool.

Whilst on the way to the shops this morning in the rain I got thinking again.  What if I used a standard rainbow, I could have "warm" squares and "cold" squares.  I could also have some crossover squares, that way the throw would flow from warm to cold etc.  I like this idea but it would need a lot of planning, but I will be doing that regardless so I don't mind.  It suddenly occurred to me that some colours crossover anyways, you can have red yellow and orange in a warm square, blue yellow and green in a cold square.  I think my next step has to be to look at what yarn I would buy and go from there.  Although my first step is to draw it in EQ so I can colour it in on the PC.

My other major decision needs to be if I'm going to leave it square or make it bigger.  For now though it’s off to draw out the skeleton :)

See You Soon!

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