Sunday, 9 May 2010

Current Work In Progress (WIP's)

Right, thought I would share what I am currently working on.  I started as a patchworker and used to have many quilt tops in progress at any one time.  Then along came the Wench, she is 2 now by the way, and that meant I never had the time I used to have.  I then took up crochet whilst pregnant but never quite seemed to get much done.

As a result of this I am trying to limit my self to 2 or 3 projects at a time.  Mainly as I have a tendency to get bored easy and switching from one project to another keeps this from happening.  However I can end up starting too many at once so lets see how long i can keep it up eh? LoL

Ah, also this isn't all the things I have on the go as there are a few quilts in progress that I am not working on at the moment, this is just my active projects.

This is my hexagon quilt, hand pieced.  I've been making lots of the smaller motifs from a large collection of 2.5 inch strips i had cut and am slowly getting them sewn together into this.  My plan is to have it about the size of a single duvet.....ish.  when i get around to buying a printer I will be buying some stuff from Linda Franz and getting some Inklingo stuff......go check it out!  I so wish I had this when I started this quilt, oh well.

This is just your bog standard granny squares, in a Trip Around the World pattern.  this also should end up the size of a single duvet,  hopefully.  This one is for the Wench for when she gets her big girls bed, which i hope will be ages yet as she still hasn't attempted to climb out of her cot.  I'm joining these as I go using this method from Attic24.

And lastly this is a shawl intended for my mum's next door neighbour from Crochetville called Angel Wings.  she keeps giving me things for the Wench even though I only recently met her.  My mum tells me that she reads in her bed on an evening especially in winter to save on heating bills.

That's all for today :)

Have Fun

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  1. I found your blog on Crochetville and you have a great start! Your wips are awesome! Hope to see them when they're done! Thanks for the link to Inklingo - I'm starting to quilt too and I may find their stuff useful too.
    Have a nice day!